Clover - Black Gold Needles - Applique ass. - 4973

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professional appliqué needles with a black coating.

mixed strengths, which is ideal when you want to experience which suits you best

The needles are polished lengthwise and have a special coating that makes the needles slide through the fabric more easily. This coating also ensures that the needles are more resistant to skin oils and salt from perspiration than conventional needles with a nickel coating, making them last longer and remain smooth for longer.

The long needles are made of specially treated high-quality steel, making them flexible without breaking. This makes the balance between stiffness and flexibility ideal

  • 2 x No 9 - 0,53 mm diameter / 34,9 mm long
  • 2 x No 10 - 0,46 mm diameter / 33,3 mm long
  • 2 x No 12 - 0,46 mm diameter / 28,8 mm long
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