Address and directions

Nanno Creative
Jan van Galenstraat 4D
The Netherlands  

When you visit Nanno Creative you are probably using a navigation system or Google Maps, but because Nanno Creative is not on a main road we would like to give you some additional directions. 

Our shop and creative studio is located behind the handware store Balles. When you stand before the hardware store you need to go on its right side, through the gate. Our store is located on the left side all the way in the back. You can park your car on the left as well. 

When you come by bus you need number 85 (which goes from Nijmegen Central Station to Druten bus station and v.v.). Exit the bus on the stop called "Hermes Garage". This is just a few minutes away from our store. 

If you need any more or more elaborate directions feel free to contact us.