X-Blocks template - 6-1/2 inch - MINI

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The Mini 6 1/2” X-Blocks tool is much smaller than it’s companion 6 1/2” X-Blocks tool. The
mini can be used to make wall hangings, borders, and miniatures. It is 1/4-th the size of the the
large X-Blocks so 4 mini’s = 1 large X-Block. The finished size for the mini 6 1/2” X-Blocks is
3”. X-Blocks quilts start with easy to piece strips or blocks that are sewn together first. Place
the X-Blocks tool on the strips or blocks, match the seams with the designated line of the tool
and trim along the edges with a rotary cutter. Voila! You’ve got X-Blcks! It’s that easy.

  • size template: 3,5" x 3,5"
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