The Quilters Choice - Simply Bamboo - 10 cm

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Quilt batting made of 100% bamboo, with a layer of scrim to keep the fibers together, preventing the batting from pilling. No chemicals or bleach have been used during production. Bamboo is a sustainable choice because less water is used during production and it is quickly renewable. Bamboo is also breathable and anti-bacterial, making it very suitable for baby and children's quilts

  • 228 cm wide
  • 100% bamboo
  • with scrim
  • 158gsm
  • shrinks 3 to 5%
  • suitable for hand and machine quilting
  • quilting up to 8 inches / 20 cm apart
  • It is not necessary but if you would like to pre-wash the batting, place the batting in cold water with a mild detergent and leave for 15 minutes, then squeeze the batting and roll it in a towel to get the excess water out. let it dry flat.

washing instructions after quilting: wash your quilt in the washing machine or by hand at 30 degrees with a light spin and let your quilt dry naturally.

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