Silk Finish Cotton 28 - for Quilting and Stitchery

Decorative, high quality and with a precious gloss - with our sewing thread SILK-FINISH COTTON 28 you are buying a perfect companion for all decorative seams.

SILK-FINISH COTTON 28 consists of 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton. That makes it ideal for setting special highlights: Whether for topstitching, hand quilting or hand embroidery, the thick and subtle shiny sewing thread gives decorative seams, decorative stitches, and appliqué a particularly beautiful effect. The strong sewing thread also masters buttonholes and denim hems with ease.

During production, the sewing thread undergoes a mercerization process. This technology makes the sewing thread more tearproof, low-shrink and iron-proof. Our special dyeing technique also gives the thread the highest level of color fastness.

Length 80 m
Linear density: ca. Nm 26/2 (dtex 382*2) Needle size: Nm 110-130