Metallic Thread for Quiling and Embroidery

If it should be eye-catching and individual, you are well equipped with our METALLIC sewing thread. Look forward to brilliant special effects that are second to none: The shiny metallic surface of the decorative sewing thread not only ensures an exciting interplay of light and shade, but also an astonishing and long-lasting 3D effect. Whether for fashionable embroidery, fancy decorative seams, or emblems: With METALLIC you are buying a sewing thread that really enriches your individual pieces.

Good things take time: Due to the more complex wrapped yarn construction, the processing of the sewing thread requires a little more time. Our recommendation: Sewing with METALLIC is easier at a reduced processing speed.

Length 100 m ART.-NR. 7633 No. 40
Linear density: ca. Nm 37/1 (dtex 274*1) Needle size: Nm 75-90 (Metallic)