Borduurnaald - Ronde Punt - 26

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These tapestry needles are made from high quality carbon steel and are finished to meet the highest quality standards and give the needle a perfectly smooth and shiny surface, making embroidery an enjoyable and effortless experience

The gold eye makes it easy to thread the yarn through the eye and the extra large eye allows both embroidery thread and wool to be used. The blunt point allows the needle to slide smoothly through mesh, canvas, aida and loosely woven fabrics without damaging them. They are therefore ideally suited for counted embroidery, tapestry and embroidery on knitted fabrics.

The packaging is plastic-free and resealable so that the needle can be put back in the packaging after use.

  • 6 needles with round point
  • size 26 (The higher the number, the thinner and shorter the needle.)
  • 32,5 mm long
  • Plastic-free packaging
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