Covid-19 protocol

We think it is important that you can shop safely with us. This always applies, of course, but is now even more important, as long as precautions are needed to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. That is why we are taking the following additional precautions.

  • We will not come to the store when we are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 and ask our customers to do so as well.
  • Everyone will keep at least 1,5 meters distance from eachother.
  • We do not shake hands. 
  • We try to limit the amount of customers inside. When it gets too crowded we ask you to take a seat on our benches outside, in the sewing machine room or in the workshop room untill previous customers have left.
  • In The Netherlands we are no longer required to wear a facemask. However, you are free to do so and if you like us to wear one as well when we help you that is no problem, just ask us when you come in.
  • Our current precautions will be displayed at the door, so check them as well to see our latest protocol. 
  • We try to keep doors and windows open as much as we can for fresh air.
  • We wash or sanitize our hands:
    • When we come in in the morning
    • After every customer
    • Before we pick and package your order
    • Before demonstration, maintenance or repair of a sewing machine
    • After using the bathroom
    • In between whenever we think is necessary
  • We frequently sanitize the PIN-device, doorhandles and other surfaces.
  • At the entrance we have placed hand sanitizer. Please use this when you come in.
  • In the bathroom we have placed paper towels instead of cloth towels. There are disinfectant wipes if you want to sanitize the toilet. We will also frequently clean and disinfect the doorhandle, lightswitch, faucet and toiletseat.
  • Precautions for workshops, gatherings and bee:
    • We have room for 4 participants, so we can keep enough distance.
    • To attend the bee you will have to sign up
    • Classes and workshops are no longer than 2,5 hours.
    • Tables and chairs are positioned so we can assure enough distance. Please do not move them around. We have plexiglass screens available. 
    • Please bring your own supplies (ruler, rotary cutter, marking pens etc.). Shared supplies like our iron will be frequently disinfected. 
    • There is a little bottle of hand sanitiser at every seat. Feel free to use this as much as you like. 


Edited september 6th 2021